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Increasing the efficiency of roadway drivages through the application of advanced information, automation and maintenance technologies

Funded under: FP7-ICT


The main goal of the IAMTECH project was increasing the efficiency of road-heading by applying advanced information, automation and maintenance technologies. Some of its results will allow for increasing the availability of the machinery through the decrease of both programmed maintenance time and medium time to repair. Other results are related to the adoption of new types (in coal mining) of support considered promising from a productivity increase perspective, such as concrete spraying. Research topics addressed in the project could be classified roughly in two groups: horizontal (underlying common technologies) and vertical (related to the actual implementation of devices, software and systems). Among the results for horizontal activities, those that deserve special mention are the development of an Atex 3D laser scanner, Atex WLAN (WiFi) access points, cameras and PDA, as well as methods for storing and representing in 3D machinery components, subassemblies and complete machines. Amid results of vertical activities is the implementation of a central maintenance control room (CMCR), in which the information and expertise on maintenance and repairing of mining machinery is concentrated. Engineers in charge of CMCR have online access to all machinery-related information, including direct access to manufacturers' databases. Images, voice and data flowing from the underground, and diagrams and advice flowing from the surface are transmitted and displayed using the technologies developed during horizontal activities. Other important results are the development of methods for assessing the quality of execution of roadway support when using sprayed concrete for this purpose, also using technologies (such as laser scanning) developed within the horizontal activities.

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Authors: RODRÍGUEZ Á, Asociación para la Investigación y el Desarrollo Industrial de los Recursos Naturales, Leganés (ES);SCHMID M, RAG Aktiengesellschaft (former Deutsche Steinkohle AG), Herne (DE);WINKLER T, Centrum Mechanizacji Górnictwa KOMAG, Gliwice, (PL);GIBSON D, Mines Rescue Service LTD, Mansfield (UK);LAMMER E, Sandvik Mining and Construction GmbH (former Voest Alpine Bergtechnik Ges. mbH), Zeltweg (AT);POLLEI U, RAG Aktiengesellschaft (former Deutsche Steinkohle AG), Gerne (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 23881 EN (2009), 277 pp. Euro: 20
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