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This project is the continuation of a previous research project (EUR 20730 EN, 2003) in which, by laboratory and short pilot test, the feasibility of hydrocarbon injection through a hollow electrode in an EAF was demonstrated. The aim of this project is the industrial application of the technology of the hydrocarbon injection in the arcing zone of EAF. As a general conclusion, the results obtained with this pilot demonstration project have clearly shown the industrial feasibility of hydrocarbon injection into arc furnace. In particular, this technology, applied to both DC and AC furnaces, has given a clear demonstration of its readiness and ease of use. Moreover the cost savings of the NOx decrease and an increase in quality were demonstrated. In particular: - the industrial feasibility of hydrocarbon injection in EAF, both in DC and AC furnaces, was demonstrated, as well as the feasibility of two technologies of injection, with and without water cooled lance; - both industrial and pilot trials have confirmed the benefits of applying this technology, particularly as regards: - an increase in steel quality in terms of nitrogen content decrease; - a strong decrease of the NOx content in off gas; - a decrease in electrode consumption of more than 50 %; - a cost saving for tonne of steel produced of about 4.8 €/t; - an emergency procedure was tested and applied in an industrial trial to solve the clogging problem as a consequence of possible plant failure without changing the electrode column.

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Authors: CAPODILUPO D, CSM, Rome (IT);DI SANTE L, CSM, Rome (IT);ALEXIS J, MEFOS, Luleå (SE);JOHANSSON E, MEFOS, Luleå (SE);NEUSCHUTZ D, RWTH, Aachen (DE);PICCO M, Profilarbed, Esch-sur-Alzette (LU);PANZA S, ASO, Ospitaletto (IT);POZZI M, Techint, Milan (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 23329 EN (2008), 104 pp. Euro: 20
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ISBN: ISBN: 978-92-79-08357-0
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