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  • SMT, 1994-1998. Fifth call for proposals supporting document. Topic 6: Development of models for performance assessment of heating ventilating and air conditioning systems


More detailed and more technical background information is given relating to this topic of the fifth call for proposals under the specific programme for standards, measurements and testing (SMT), 1994-1998. The scientific and technical objectives are included. The quantitative objective is to get a testing procedure which will enable the classification of controllers in the four performances classes defined in the draft standards. These classes refers to temperature control accuracy and have a width from 0.5 to 3K. To reach that objective the proposed way to carry out the research goes through 6 sub objectives.

- Sub-objective 1) Define detailed requirements of the models of building and HVAC systems;
- Sub-objective 2) Develop models fulfilling these requirements;
- Sub-objective 3) Validate the models with results obtained in test cell;
- Sub-objective 4) Define quality assurance procedure of building and HVAC simulator;
- Sub-objective 5) Validate the testing procedures;
- Sub-objective 6) Present the results of the co normative research in the described format.

A time scale and expected result format are also described.

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