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  • SMT, 1994-1998. Fifth call for proposals supporting document. Topic 8: The development and validation of test procedures and test tools for childrens' and infants' lifejackets, buoyancy and swimming aids


More detailed and more technical background information is given relating to this topic of the fifth call for proposals under the specific programme for standards, measurements and testing (SMT), 1994-1998. The scientific and technical objectives are included as follows:

- To identify the potential hazards and risks involved in using children and infants as test subjects;
- To define in-water performance criteria specific to the needs of children and infants, so ensuring that all such lifejackets and buoyancy aids are safe and fit for purpose;
- To develop and validate a family of marine manikins able to simulate the relaxed or unconscious child, infant and baby (age criteria of 18 months, 3 years and 10 years are suggested);
- To revise and improve the current criteria and test methods for childrens' lifejackets, using the manikins to increase the objectivity of testing;
- To develop new manikin tests for the assessment of buoyancy and swimming aids;
- To conduct an interlaboratory trial using the manikins and revised test procedures;
- To present the proposed new criteria and methodology to CEN/ TC 162/ WG 6 and CEN/ TC 162/ WG 10.

A time scale and expected result format are also described.

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