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  • SMT, 1994-1998. Fifth call for proposals supporting document. Topic 20: Measuring methods of the influence of electrical parameters in the installation built up under the protection mode "i" intrinsic safety


More detailed and more technical background information is given relating to this topic of the fifth call for proposals under the specific programme for standards, measurements and testing (SMT), 1994-1998. The proposed item has the following general aims:

- To study current installations of installations using equipment with intrinsic safety mode "i" of protection in order to define the used lengths of cables;
- To measure the capacitance of the average cable lengths;
- To investigate the effect of capacitance in long cables and to define the essential parameters which may create spark risk (spark test approach);
- To study the possibilities to avoid restriction in length of the cables as prescribed by EN 50020;
- To draft a report containing proposals for the possible modification of the standard in the light of the obtained test results;
- To describe in detail the used tests and the calibration of the testing gear.

A time scale and expected result format are also described.

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