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  • SMT, 1994-1998. Fifth call for proposals supporting document. Topic 33: Development and validation of HPLC methods for the official control of coccidiostats and antibiotics used as feed additives


More detailed and more technical background information is given relating to this topic of the fifth call for proposals under the specific programme for standards, measurements and testing (SMT), 1994-1998. Development of analytical chemical methods, validated to international guidelines (IUPAC) with stated R & r, and with a limit of determination sufficient for legal purposes. The methods should be validated within the ranges required for legislation and have a specificity suitable for the application of Art. 6 of Directive 70/524/EEC. They should state a stated recovery and confirmation data, e.g. co-chromatography or diode array detection. A time scale and expected result format are also described.

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