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The purpose of the call is to invite eligible organizations and consortia to submit proposals (under the specific programme for the dissemination and optimization of the results of activities in the field of research and technological development, including demonstration (INNOVATION), 1994-1998) in view of the launching of projects to promote and apply, at pan-European level, methodologies and best practice in the following areas:

- Increasing public awareness of science and technology and, more generally, of innovation;
- Securing the involvement of social actors.

Ideal consortia should include partners from all the stages of the process, e.g.:

- Research institutes, universities;
- Technology intermediaries, industrial and professional organizations;
- Educational bodies, local/regional authorities, other potential users.

Call projects will be implemented in 2 stages:

1. Adaptation/development and execution of a training - dissemination action for a trial period on a pilot scale. During this phase, the best conditions for implementation at the European level will be identified;
2. Implementation on a real market configuration. During this stage an evaluation will be performed of public and institutional interest raised, qualitative and quantitative participation of final users and opportunity for further trans-regional dissemination.

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