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This First Action Plan for Innovation in Europe outlines a limited number of priority actions to be launched speedily at Community level and incorporates actions which are in progress or which have been announced since the publication of the Green Paper and which were identified there as vital for the process of innovation. This initial plan outlines a general framework for action at Community and Member State level, and also for applicant countries. With regard to the Community level, at this stage the only measures considered are those for which the operating method could be described and which can be inserted in the known budgetary framework, without incurring any new expenditure but through the possible reallocation of available resources. The proposed measures have been classified by order of decreasing chronology and likely effect in accordance into the following three objectives:

- Fostering an innovation culture in the economy and society;
- Establishing a framework conducive to innovation;
- Linking research and innovation more effectively.

This document is the first annex to the First Innovation Action Plan and presents more detailed descriptions for each of these three objectives.

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