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  • Guidelines for Managing with Uncertainty in the Funding of Research, Report from STRATA Accompanying Measures - Managing with Uncertainty in Science Policy, August 2003, EUR 20903


MUSCIPOLI seeks to improve the understanding and management of the various complex (and hence uncertain) links between science policy aims, policy making, and downstream scientific activity, output and impact. The aim has been to develop and test an intermediate science policy decision model that avoids the pitfalls inherent in naive assumptions of direct linear causal links between aims, decisions and outcomes, or in the post modern view that the science system is chaotic and unmanageable. MUSCIPOLI proposes a behaviourally realistic and empirically grounded model of the process, which integrates the most promising theoretical and empirical academic insights with reflexive contributions from science policy makers themselves.
The Guidelines presented in this report focus on research funding policy and practice. They draw on the workshop papers, on the knowledge and experience of a multi-national group of professional staff from European Research Funding Organisations (RFOs), and of academic science policy researchers.
MUSCIPOLI's aim is to providing practical insights and developing improved concepts for understanding the 'how' of science policy decision making and its outcomes: how actual processes of science policy decision making operate, how resources are allocated, and how the downstream outcomes occur.

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