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Unlike other specific R&D programmes undertaken by the European Union, the specific programme on controlled thermonuclear fusion does not proceed by means of calls for proposals. In addition, the proposal for a Council Decision adopting the programme does not foresee the setting up of a work programme by the Commission (OJ No C 113 of 23.4.1994).

This specificity is motivated by the very long-term objective of the programme and by the fact that it embraces all activities undertaken in the Union (plus Sweden and Switzerland) in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion by magnetic confinement. Nevertheless, in order to be exhaustive in presenting R&D activities undertaken by the European Union within the framework programmes, the scientific and technical objectives of the controlled thermonuclear fusion programme (hereafter called the fusion programme), as well as the means and modalities for its implementation, are presented in this document.

Download Workplan for specific programme on controlled thermonuclear fusion, 1994-1998 (22016)

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