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Tableau de bord européen de l'innovation 2002. Document de travail des services de la Commission. SEC(2002) 1349

Financé au titre de: FP5-INNOVATION-SME


Since 2000, the European Commission has published the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) as an instrument for the annual follow-up of the Lisbon strategy. This edition includes, for the first time, data from most Associate countries1 and Candidate countries and from the EU regions, in addition to the data on the EU Member States, the US and Japan. All data have been updated except those for the four indicators based on the Community Innovation Survey (CIS). This edition therefore contains data for 13 out of 17 indicators.

The 2002 EIS confirms that the innovation performance of the EU is still low compared to its main global competitors, although the EU trend has been improving faster than in the US and Japan. However, there remain persisting gaps between the EU and its main competitors in the areas of business R&D and high-tech patenting.

The EIS is published in 11 language versions and is complemented by six technical papers, which are available in English only:
1. (Member States and associate countries)
2. (Candidate countries)
3. (EU regions)
4. (Indicators and definitions)
5. (Thematic scoreboard \"lifelong learning for innovation\")
6. (Methodological report)

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