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This Green Paper aims to stimulate debate on the future agenda for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is first and foremost a mindset, whereby risk-taking and creative or innovative ideas are blended with sound management to run a business. Entrepreneurship policy should therefore address not only a supportive business environment, but also entrepreneurial vitality, by motivating and equipping entrepreneurs with the right skills. The Green Paper examines policy options at three levels, focusing on individuals as prospective entrepreneurs, on firms' capacities to grow and on the readiness of society at large to appreciate entrepreneurship and to provide active support to entrepreneurs. The Paper suggests a co-ordinated approach to entrepreneurship policy, involving all policy-makers at European, national and regional level, to provide a coherent response to the needs of entrepreneurs. In such a framework, the Commission can contribute by helping the Member States to share experience and to compare performance. The paper identifies three pillars for action, under which it asks a number of questions:
- Bringing down barriers to business development and growth
- Balancing the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship
- A society that values entrepreneurship

All stakeholders interested in entrepreneurship policy are invited to provide their reactions until the end of June 2003, after which the Commission will draw conclusions and present further actions.

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