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  • eEurope 2002 Final Report. Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. COM(2003) 66 final


The eEurope 2002 Action Plan was endorsed at the Feira European Council in June 2000 as part of the decade-long Lisbon strategy of economic, social and environmental renewal. It was complemented by the eEurope+ initiative launched by the candidate countries in reply to the invitation of the Feira European Council to take on board the Lisbon strategy. The Action Plan set out 11 action areas in which there were a total of 64 targets to be achieved before the end of 2002.

The present document highlights the achievements of eEurope and identifies remaining obstacles to the full development of the information society in Europe. The main achievements are summarised as: i) Internet connectivity has grown rapidly; ii) A legislative framework for electronic communications and for e-commerce has been agreed; iii) Increasing effective use of the Internet is the focus of the next step, eEurope 2005.

There is also an accompanying Commission Staff Working Paper [available soon] that provides a commentary on progress in each of the 64 targets.

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