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In February 2002 the Commission invited the candidate countries to endorse the European Charter for Small Enterprises, and on 23 April 2002 in Maribor (Slovenia) all thirteen candidate countries signed the \"Maribor Declaration\" in which they acknowledge the principles of the Charter as the basis for their action to support and develop small enterprises. They also expressed their interest in participating in the reporting process on the implementation of the Charter. The process started in May 2002, and this report is the result.

The report is based on detailed national reports submitted by each of the candidate countries (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey) in September 2002. These reports followed bilateral meetings between the Commission and each country. Different ministries, agencies and bodies involved in the definition of policies and action to support enterprises took part in the meetings and gave their input to the preparation of the national report. This included representatives of the business community in most cases. The thirteen national reports can be found on the (European Charter for Small Enterprises) page of the DG Enterprise web site.

This report is complementary to the Member States\" and European Commision s (report on the implementation of the Charter), which contains details on Member States¿ progress in achieving the Charter objectives.

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