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This document provides more detailed and more technical background information relating to this topic of the sixth call for proposals under the specific programme for standards, measurements and testing (SMT), 1994-1998. The main objective of the proposed work is to determine the procedures and test variables applicable for nanoindentation testing of thin films including:

- (i) Validity of models to calculate coatings properties for measured values of E and H which may include a contribution from the substrate;
- (ii) The definition of the conditions and possible restrictions for such tests in relation to film thickness, microstructure, plasticity (pile-up, sinking in), films/bulk property relationship (hard/hard, hard/soft, soft/soft), elastic properties, time dependent plasticity, etc.;
- (iii) The determination of the acceptable limits for test parameters such as load and displacement measurement ranges and rates, justification for load or displacement control, required surface sensing capabilities of the equipment for different films, thermal stability required during the test period etc. in order to perform such tests reliably;
- (iv) The determination of suitable indenter tip geometry and properties for various test cases and applications, e.g. tip roundness, surface roughness, friction, etc. to facilitate the reliable and reproducible performance of the tests.

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