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  • Standards, measurements and testing, 1994-1998. Topic 13: New design/calculation methods for flange connections, tubesheets and saddle supports of pressure vessels


This document provides more detailed and more technical background information relating to this topic of the sixth call for proposals under the specific programme for standards, measurements and testing (SMT), 1994-1998. This proposed study is related to the validation of the new design methods included in the draft European pressure equipment standards (Mandate 94/29.004; Directive on Pressure Equipment in preparation).

To improve the competitiveness of these draft standards (material savings and better control of leak-tightness), a number of new design methods have been introduced to address the design of flange connections of pressure vessels and piping, tubesheets of heat exchangers and saddle-supports of horizontally mounted pressure vessels. These methods are based on limit load approaches and although theoretically correct, some inherent assumptions advise further validation of the methods to assure acceptable results under all reasonably foreseeable conditions before the CEN enquiry. The objective of this proposal is to validate the new methods by means of a cross comparison against existing national standards and verification against finite element calculations. Fatigue analysis may be added when justified.

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