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It has long been recognised that the European-based pharmaceutical industry plays a critical role in both the industrial and health sectors. Concerned to tackle a growing weakness in the industry, the Commission set up a High Level Group on Innovation and the Provision of Medicines - the so-called \"G10 Medicines Group\". The (G10 Medicines Group report) was published in May 2002, and the present Communication is the Commision s response to the 14 recommendations of that report.

The Communication divides the recommendations into the following five broad themes:
- Benefits to Patients
- Developing a competitive European-based industry
- Strengthening the EU Science Base
- Medicines in an enlarged European Union
- Member States learning from each other
In each area it sets out how the Commission would like the recommendations to be taken forward and, in areas of national competence, a proposed direction it believes Member States could take and what the Commission can do to facilitate the process.

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