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This document provides more detailed and more technical background information relating to this topic of the sixth call for proposals under the specific programme for standards, measurements and testing (SMT), 1994-1998. The objective of the proposed work is the certification of 8 polydisperse spherical particulate reference materials. Their size range is:

1-10 mm
3-30 mm
10-100 mm
150-650 mm

The particle size distribution and density of the reference materials are to be certified. For the certification campaign the use of traceable techniques is required: sieving, gravitational sedimentation, optical microscopy and electrical sensing zone. An approach must be followed which is in accordance with the principles set out in document BCR/48/93 (1994) - 'Guidelines for the production and certification of BCR reference materials'.

The reference materials also have to be characterised by non-traceable instrumental particle sizing techniques such as those applying laser diffraction and sedimentation, as well as for stability, refractive index, BET surface area and pore size distribution (if they are sufficiently porous).

The reference materials are meant for instrument validation and laboratory accreditation as required by recently issued ISO standards. Thus, they will support improvement and control of the quality of industrial particulate products.

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