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  • Call for proposals for RTD projects under the specific programme for RTD activities in the field of cooperation with third countries and international organizations, 1994-1998. Area A2 (INCO-COPERNICUS)


The Commission of the European Communities hereby invites interested parties to submit proposals for RTD projects in the field of cooperation with third countries and international organizations. The objectives and the research, technological development and demonstration activities covered by this call for proposals relate to the following area described in the Work Programme:

Area A: Scientific and technological cooperation in Europe and with international organizations.
A2:Cooperation with the countries of Central Europe (CCE) and the new independent states of the former Soviet Union (NIS).

- Environmental protection and health;
. 1. Endangered ecosystems;
. 2. Threats to the environment;
. 3. Health;
. 4. Energy;

- RTD targeted on industry:
. 5. Advanced communication and telematics;
. 6. Information technology;
. 7. Industrial and materials technologies;
. 8. Measurement and testing;
. 9. Biotechnology;
. 10. Agro-food;
. 11. Social and economic sciences;
. 12. Innovation relay centres.

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