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Study on Economic and productivity impact of eHealth

Funded under: FP6


e-Health describes the application of information and communications technologies across the whole range of functions that affect the health sector. e-Health tools or solutions include products, systems and services that go beyond simply Internet-based applications. They include tools for health authorities and professionals as well as personalised health systems for patients and citizens. Examples include health information networks, electronic health records, telemedicine services, personal wearable and portable communicable systems, health portals, and many other information and communication technology-based tools assisting prevention, diagnosis, treatment, health monitoring, and lifestyle management.
e-Health plays a clear role in the European Union's eEurope strategy, and is key to achieving stronger growth and creating highly qualified jobs in a dynamic, knowledge based economy - the vision set out by the Lisbon European Council in March 2000. It can improve access to healthcare and boost the quality and effectiveness of the services offered. e-Health systems and services combined with organisational changes and the development of new skills are key enabling tools. They can deliver significant improvements in access to care, quality of care, and the efficiency and productivity of the health sector.

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