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Negotiation Guidance Notes for Marie Curie Conferences & Training Courses (SCF/LCF)

Funded under: FP6


This document is provided for proposers who have been invited for negotiation following the evaluation of proposals for Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses (SCF/LCF) within the EU's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) for RTD (2002-2006). It outlines the information and work necessary in the preparation of a contract.
In the course of the negotiations you will be requested to provide:
- Legal and financial documents
- A "Description of Work"
- Contract Preparation Forms (CPF)
Sections 2 & 4 of this document describe the process whereby a Commission contract is negotiated and signed, outlining the legal and financial documents required and other relevant elements related to contract negotiation. Section 3 gives practical details concerning the completion of the Contract Preparation Forms (CPF).
Extensive guidelines for the drafting of Annex I to the contract (the "Description of Work") are provided in Appendix 1, and a blank copy of the CPF is available in Appendix 2 together with a full set of explanatory notes. Finally, Appendix 4 & 5 contain some general information about ethical issues as well as a "Negotiation Checklist" which may guide the proposers through the negotiation process.

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