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The Commission of the European Communities is inviting proposals for research and technological development (RTD) actions on water management in the specific programmes for research and technological development, including demonstration, in the fields of Industrial and Materials Technologies (BRITE/EURAM 3) and Environment and Climate.

In particular, the activities subject to this call must aim to develop more efficient and cost-effective water management and use, leading to practical solutions to reduce overconsumption and combat the diffusion of major pollutants, thereby contributing to the protection of human health and aquatic ecosystems. The research would bring together scientific, technological, ecological, hydrological, methodological and socio-economic expertise as related to water management and use. It is proposed to implement the priority RTD subjects through a limited number of relatively large scale multi-disciplinary actions in each of the two relevant programmes.

The objectives and the research and technological and demonstration activities, must be within the scope of the BRITE/EURAM 3 or the Environment and Climate Work Programmes.

The BRITE/EURAM 3 Work Programme can be found at

The Environment and Climate Work Programme can be found at

An \"Environment - Water\" Information Package, specific to this joint call, can be found at

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