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ISTAG, Strategic Orientations for Information and Communication Technologies Research in Europe

Funded under: FP6-IST


Information and communication technologies (ICTs) already enable people, organisations and society to live or operate in an improved way. Future ICTs promise a wide range of social benefits that cannot yet be imagined and importantly, innovation in this field will continue to be a driver for economic growth. There is also no question that future ICTs will remain a key enabling technology for the sciences and research activities. Sustaining this innovation is crucial for the continuing development of the European Union economies.
New opportunities linked to the increasing pervasiveness of these technologies and the way they are developed need to be seized now. This is key to maintaining Europe's existing leads in the ICT sector but also in other vertical sectors such as, for instance, in car or aircraft manufacturing. More importantly, new leading positions will be made possible by future ICTs and related services.
The ISTAG has previously developed a vision of ambient intelligence for future ICTs and their uses. It provides a distinctive European perspective on how computing and networking technologies are increasingly becoming pervasive and how this trend can be shaped to Europe's advantage. The challenge now for Europe is to master, help shape and progress this new wave of technology, taking advantage of European strengths.
ICTs and the related research are facing changing circumstances such as globalisation and growing complexity. The challenges are not just technical. Matters such as trust and confidence and interoperability need to be addressed. Competition affects more and more research activities. It is necessary to cope with the emergence of new competitors such as India and China, and potentially, with the declining attractiveness of Europe as a place to undertake research.

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