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This report concludes the EU funded project "Towards an Interactive Technology Policy" (INTEPOL). The objectives set forward in the Technical Annex are as follows:
The project aims at developing a new basis for formulating technology policy called an interactive technology policy paradigm (ITP). The approach will be elaborated specifically for the domain of passenger mobility but an assessment will be made of the generaliseability of the approach. More specific objectives of the project are:
- to present an overview of the main 'currents of thought', i.e. various disciplinary approaches toward solving the problems of passenger mobility;
- to analyse empirically and present an overview of the socio-cultural embeddedness of passenger mobility in eight countries;
- to analyse empirically and present an overview of 'traditional' technology policies in eight countries (including the EU-level) aiming to solve societal problems related to personal mobility; by a comparative analysis we will analyse why specific approaches either failed or were successful;
- to analyse empirically and present an overview of innovative technologies and policies in eight countries to tackle the problems of passenger mobility; we will include the supranational/federal, as well as the national/state and the local levels;
- to develop an ITP geared towards attacking the problems of passenger mobility;
- to assess the generaliseability of an ITP and present it in a general form that will allow using and testing it in other domains as well.
The idea behind the project is to transcend the common problems with technologypolicies, due to the fact that they either focus on supply side factors (technological options) and neglect social and cultural issues, or on demand side factors (social options) and thus neglect the dynamic features of technology. The ITP is meant as an effort to facilitate interactivity in technology policy.

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