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Studies on exchange of good practices in e-health, 2005/S 137-135419, Contract notice, Services

Funded under: FP6-IST


The group of 4 studies, which is entitled Studies on Exchange of good practices in eHealth, has the following objectives:
1) Study on Exchange of good practices in eHealth (Lot 1):
The specific objectives are: The objectives are:
- To contribute to the actions of the eHealth Action Plan that outlines the need for the collection and dissemination of eHealth best practices
- To identify good practices in eHealth area in the Member States, in particular those that contribute to improved efficiency and cost benefits
2) Study on Patient identity in eHealth (Lot 2):
The specific objective is:
The study will outline a common approach to patient identifiers in Europe.
This objective will contribute to the particular item of the eHealth Action Plan: - Addressing common challenges: Patient identity in eHealth.
This study should take account of best practices and developments in areas such as the European Health Insurance Card and identity management for European citizens.
3) Study on Legal and regulatory aspects of eHealth (Lot 3):
The specific objective is:
The study will identify the legal and regulatory aspects related to the use of eHealth products and services in Europe. The purpose of this study is to contribute to the creation of a framework for greater legal certainty of e-Health products and services liability within the context of existing product liability legislation.
4) Study on Conformance testing and accreditation schemes in eHealth (Lot 4)
The specific objectives are:
- Producing a state-of-the-art report on eHealth applications�certification schemas (including criteria and methods) as already implemented in certain European countries; an international view on this matter is compulsory in order to benefit from world-experience in the eHealth area.
- Gathering information concerning European and national legislation on certification and accreditation of eHealth applications.
- Performing an overview of particular requirements of eHealth applic

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