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Negotiation Guidance Notes for Curie Conferences & Training Courses (SCF)

Funded under: FP6-MOBILITY


This document applies to: Call Identifier: FP6-2005-Mobility-4, Closure date: 18 May 2005
This document is provided for proposers who have been invited for negotiation following the evaluation of proposals for Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses (SCF) within the EU¿s Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) for RTD (2002-2006). It outlines the information and work necessary in the preparation of a contract.
In the course of the negotiations you will be requested to provide:
- Legal and financial documents
- A "Description of Work"
- Contract Preparation Forms (CPF)
Sections 2 & 4 of this document describe the process whereby a Commission contract is negotiated and signed, outlining the legal and financial documents required and other relevant elements related to contract negotiation. Section 3 gives practical details concerning the completion of the Contract Preparation Forms (CPF).
Extensive guidelines for the drafting of Annex I to the contract (the "Description of Work") are provided in Appendix 1, and a blank copy of the CPF is available in Appendix 2 together with a full set of explanatory notes. Finally, Appendix 4 & 5 contain some general information about ethical issues as well as a "Negotiation Checklist" which may guide the proposers through the negotiation process.

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