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SP1 - Priority 6-1, 6.1 Sustainable energy systems, Work Programme, Revision 5 for the Energy-4 Call, September 2005

Funded under: FP6-SUSTDEV


Europe's energy system demonstrates unsustainable patterns of development characterised by growing dependence on imported fossil fuels, rising energy demand and growing CO2 emissions. These unsustainable patterns are exacerbated in key sectors like buildings and transport that are intimately linked with the quality of life of European citizens. The challenge is to alleviate and reverse these adverse trends to achieve a truly sustainable energy system, while preserving the equilibrium of ecosystems and encouraging economic development.
The strategic and policy objectives of this programme of research1 into sustainable energy systems include reducing greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions (Kyoto), increasing the security of energy supplies, improving energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy, as well as enhancing the competitiveness of European industry and improving quality of life both within the EU and globally (Johannesburg follow-up).
In addressing these objectives through this Work Programme, a clear differentiation is made between research activities having the potential for exploitation in the short to medium term and those which are expected to have an impact in the medium to longer term. This distinction between the short-to-medium and medium-to-long term time frames is applicable to all indirect research actions in the sustainable energy sector and it is intended that the budgetary appropriations be split equally between the two time frames.

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