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Integrating and Strengthening the European Research Area, FP6 NEST, Independent Observers' Report, Evaluation period: From 23 May to 31 July 2005

Funded under: FP6-NEST


Observing the proposal evaluation for NEST-Pathfinder, Fixed deadline call for proposals, Call identifier: FP6-2004-NEST-Path
As independent observers we were asked to look at the operation of the evaluation sessions in the NEST-Pathfinder scheme from the point of view of their working, in order to give advice to the Commission. We received ample documentation well in advance of the meeting of the evaluation panel. We decided to carry out our work in Brussels through following the deliberations of the panel, sub-panels and subgroup and through interviewing panel members and Commission staff. We also gave the panel members an opportunity to write down any comments on an open questionnaire.
Overall we had a very positive impression of the operation of the evaluation sessions and of the Commission staff involved. We recognize the problems faced by Commission staff in identifying the best experts in Europe and elsewhere and consider that they have done a good job using the tools available to them. However, we support the recommendation of previous observers that the Commission enlarge the pool of suitable evaluators through looking into the possibility of networking with other relevant organizations. We found the briefings and documentation given to panel members overall very good. In this context we suggest that full information on the decision making process is supplied to panel members in advance of the meeting. We strongly recommend that a special web page be set up where panel members can read all applications pertaining to the call in question. We suggest that in the application forms, applicants, rather than just ticking boxes in the application forms, should explain in writing how they relate to/handle ethical issues, gender issues and risk assessment. We understand the problems for Commission staff to collect all individual evaluation reports but suggest that preliminary consensus reports be sent out whenever possible.

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