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Outcomes of the Workshop on Risk Management for Health Professionals - Use of ICT, European Commission, Information Society DG, Contract number - 28916

Funded under: FP6-IST


The workshop was an important first step in opening the area of Patient Safety & Risk Management and starting to build up a network. It did not provide all the answers but it did highlight a number of strands of activity which need to be followed up. The window of opportunity has opened a little, the scale of the problem is now in the public domain and due to arrive on politician's agendas in the near future. Patient Safety & Risk Management are revealed as complex and multidimensional with multiple players who are not experienced in working together. There are leadership and subsidiarity issues which need to resolved quickly in order to ensure that momentum can be established as soon as possible. Industry has some solutions but for the moment they are suitable only for committed and well resourced sites. The need is to find ways of implementing CPOE style systems across the thousands of institutions of an enlarged Europe within five years.
The overall answer is to build a "culture of safety and risk management". If this is going to become a reality in Europe by 2010, then action is needed now. The short term actions are to establish what assets exist already, look at ways of securing far greater leverage from these and set in motion actions to deal with this. Active collaboration with pharmacos, insurance companies and the eHealth industry needs to put in place with appropriate support and funding. Most of these actions fall logically to the EC, or to specific European Healthcare or stakeholder groups working closely with Member States and the regions. Success will be all about managed and professional collaboration.
The next step should be to convene a Patient Safety & Risk Management Programme Kick-Off event in September / October 2004, sponsored by the EC and the Member States.

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