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Nanologue's overarching objective is to facilitate a dialogue among researchers, business and civil society about the benefits and potential impacts of nanoscience and nanotechnology applications. The first work package of the project was designed to prepare the ground for the subsequent discussion, providing an overview of current research into the ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA) of nanoscience and nanotechnologies (NT) and identifying applications to be scrutinised in depth with regard to ELSA in the course of the Nanologue project.
This mapping study is one of the two deliverables from the first work package. It was carried out as an information input for the Nanologue project, with the aim of selecting specific NT applications and a core set of relevant ELSA. Additionally, the results serve as basis for the analysis of the selected applications and their relationship to ELSA (see Nanologue Background Paper).
In the following the mapping procedure and methodology used to choose the NT applications and the set of ELSA will be introduced. Chapter 3 presents the main results. Chapter 4 will give some background information on the Nanologue project. Finally, the appendix provides a synopsis of the reports, which were analysed as well as references on the mapped publications.
It should be mentioned that this mapping study, including its appendix, is a compilation of information and sources that primarily serves to inform the subsequent work packages of the Nanologue project. We do not claim to provide a comprehensive overview on NT applications and their relationship to ELSA, nor to have conducted a thorough analysis. However, the authors would like to share the current state of investigation with a wider audience in case they might find it useful.
The Nanologue project aims at raising awareness and stimulating discussion, not because we have a particular view about the potential opportunities and risks that NT presents.

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