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This second General Report on the Activities of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) covers the period April 2001 - March 2005. The beginning of the 21st century continues to be a period of remarkable change in Europe in virtually every field and not least in the fields of science and technology. Not surprisingly, the advice of the EGE has been in great demand and its standing in the world of ethics has grown correspondingly.
The current report, corresponding to the second Mandate of the EGE, is both retrospective and prospective in nature. It produces a review of the work of the EGE during the mandate period and presents the reflections of the Members looking forward to future activities.
The Report has three main parts. This first part gives a general overview of the role of the EGE and its work during the mandate. It also provides some information on the way in which this information has been made accessible to the general public.
Part II presents the individual reflections of some of the EGE Members. These reflections are essentially prospective in nature and explore some of the wider aspects of the ethics of science and technology.
The following section provides an outline (in list form) of the main international activities of the Members and the final substantive section gives the texts of the EGE�s Opinions and Statements.

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