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Impact Assessment of IPv6 on Vertical Markets 2006/0043, Tender Specifications, Call: 2006/S 88-092647 (FP6-IST)

Funded under: FP6-IST


This study aims at assessing the impact of the deployment of IPv6 in Europe. Its output will be used as background in the definition of the IPv6 policy from the Commission.
It is expected that a wider adoption of IPv6 would bring significant changes in the market equilibrium. This assessment study is aiming at identifying the impact of a wider adoption of IPv6 on the EU industries, service providers, users and citizens in different markets and ultimately its impact on EU competitiveness in line with the Lisbon Agenda. The Study will also provide recommendations guidance for further policy action.
IPv6 development started in the mid 90s as a successor of the current Internet Protocol (version 4) that showed limits to scale the growing number of Internet users.
As a technology, IPv6 promises are two-fold:
- A superior addressing space with its collateral paradigm: permanent addresses allowing end-to-end symmetric communication and "push" technology
- Realising Convergence by a better handling of Multicast, Plug&Play, Mobility and Security features
A lot of attention from Academia, Industry, Funding bodies, Regulators and Government agencies focused on the development of the network protocol and associated technologies leading to the edition of more than 60 RFCs directly related to IPv6. Today the protocol corpus is considered as sufficiently detailed so that the IETF IPv6 Working group is considering re-chartering itself or dismantling.
Although IPv6 deployments started late 90s (e.g. 6BONE), there is no evidence, today, of a wide IPv6 take off in Europe.
Meanwhile Internet usage based on IPv4 has grown steadily and innovative application drivers (such as skype, google, Wikipedia, instant messaging...) are all based on IPv4 stack and paradigm.

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