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The Commission hereby presents its eGovernment Action Plan, an integral part of its i2010 initiative for jobs and growth in the information society, to make a major contribution to the Lisbon Agenda and other European Community policies.
Countries that score high on public-sector openness and efficiency and eGovernment readiness are also top on the economic performance and competitiveness scoreboards. This strong link between national competitiveness, innovation strength and the quality of public administrations means that in the global economy better government is a competitive must. With eGovernment, public administrations can make a major contribution to the Lisbon Agenda.
It is equally important to accelerate eGovernment with a view to modernisation and innovation because governments face major challenges such as ageing, climate change or terrorism and citizens are demanding better services, better security and better democracy, while businesses demand less bureaucracy and more efficiency. As European Union continues to enlarge and embrace greater diversity, new needs and demands are arising such as for seamless public services across borders, essential to increase citizens' opportunities for mobility and for business in Europe. eGovernment can help governments to meet these challenges and demands.

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