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The future of nanotechnology: We need to talk

Funded under: FP6-NMP


"Nanotechnology is being heralded as a new technological revolution, one so profound that it will touch all aspects of human society. Some believe that these influences will be overwhelmingly positive, while others see more sinister implications."
Once again we are faced with the introduction of a technology that is polarising views, inspiring wild visions of transformation or catastrophe and stimulating some fundamental questions about how we develop and use technology. Yet nanotechnology is potentially a far more potent and disruptive technology than previous controversial technologies such as genetic modification and may deliver numerous positive benefits for our society. While the debate about the possible impacts intensifies, the technology is developing rapidly, supported by huge investment.
Unfortunately very little of this investment is devoted to analysing the risk involved. This pamphlet is a result of the Nanologue project, an 18-month European Commission-funded project designed to support dialogue on the social, ethical and legal implications of nanoscience and nanotechnologies.

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