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The Networked Future: Broadband Communications

Funded under: FP6-IST


Today, the internet is an indispensable part of daily life. We use it everyday for sending emails, booking a travel ticket, online shopping, playing games - and a myriad of other uses. Fast broadband connections are rapidly replacing dial-up for internet access from home. In the near future this trend is expected to lead to the growth of many new, value-added services, such as online entertainment and gaming, downloading of films on-demand, and internet telephony (voice-over-IP).
This brochure describes IST research on Broadband Communications, showing the integrated nature of European research in this domain. It presents profiles of specific research areas holding a promising future, together with selected project descriptions to exemplify and illustrate key ongoing research and technology development.
Technologies for future broadband networks are addressed under IST's Strategic Objective on Broadband for All. Its goal is to develop network technologies and architectures that allow a generalized and affordable availability of broadband access to all European users. Research aims at a range of optimised technologies that permit low-cost broadband access, as well as new concepts in network management and multi-service capabilities.
The brochure is one of six in The Networked Future series, describing European funded research for Network and Communication Technologies.

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