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Cooperation Work Programme 2007, European Commission: C(2006) 6839, Introduction

Funded under: FP7-HEALTH


This is the work programme for 2007 for the Cooperation Specific Programme of the 7th Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities.
The work programme was adopted by the Commission, with the assistance of the Programme Committee, following the adoption of the Specific Programme 'Cooperation' and the Rules for Participation and Dissemination.
This work programme provides additional detail of the implementation of the Specific Programme, setting out information on the priorities, objectives and policy relevance of the research topics which will be implemented through calls for proposals in 2007.
The Cooperation work programme is structured around 10 chapters, which set out the implementation of the research Themes. A range of issues of relevance to the Cooperation work programme as a whole are set out in Annexes 1-4. In general, each chapter is self-standing; however, applicants are advised to read this general introduction and the Annexes, in addition to the chapter(s) containing the research Theme(s) of interest.

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