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Direct Methanol Fuel Cell System for Car Applications - DREAMCAR Project

Project ID: ENK6-CT-2000-00315
Funded under: FP5-EESD


The major benefit of the project is the demonstration of processes for Energy production from a renewable energy source with high overall efficiency and near to zero emissions to the environment. The proposed processes for electricity production from methanol via fuel cells offer a significant contribution to the Programme and the key action objectives: the fact that minimal production of CO2 is taking place and no other pollutants (CO, NOx, HC, SOx) are emitted.
The benefits may be summarised as follows:
- Greater dispersion of energy resources: the gasoline-powered automobile will be with us for decades. The energy-importing countries of the world will benefit because there will be a larger number of suppliers of transportation fuels, and less energy will be required due to higher vehicle efficiencies.
- Stable energy pricing: price-regulating entities will find it increasingly difficult to control prices as the number of energy producers increases.
- Fewer strategic crises: the more production there is, the less chance there is that "tight markets" will turn a local crisis in one country into an international energy shortage.
- Greater capacity for domestic self-reliance: the development of renewable methanol feedstocks will offer many countries far more opportunities for self-reliance than can be discerned from current maps of the geographic distribution of natural gas resources.

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