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Draft Guide to Financial Issues relating to FP7 Indirect Actions

Funded under: FP7


The purpose of this guide is to help participants in Grant Agreements signed under the 7th Framework Programmes for Research to understand and interpret the financial provisions of the EC Model Grant Agreement (ECGA) that they are signing. To this end, the enclosed text tries to avoid (to the best possible extent) the use of legal references, technical vocabulary and legal jargon, and seeks to provide the reader with practical advice.
The structure of this guide mirrors the financial provisions of the ECGA, by following the same index and structure of that document. Accordingly, it should be used as a tool to clarify the provisions of the ECGA, and should be read in connection with it. Each article in the ECGA with financial implications is explained in this Guide, and examples included where appropriate. The intention is not only to explain, but also, by following the same structure, to help the reader to locate where he/she may find the answer to his/her question.
Whenever new rules are drafted and a new structure is put into place, new problems arise. In many aspects, the Rules of Participation and the ECGA of the 7th Framework Programmes build on previous Research Framework Programmes. However, it seems clear that both the use of this Guide and the implementation of the new Framework Programmes will expose and highlight new situations or difficulties which will require particular mention and further explanation. For this reason, this Guide has been conceived as an evolving document which, it is intended, will be updated every 6 months to reflect new questions and feedback from its users and the knowledge gained through practice. On this point however it is important to remember that the only scope of the Guide is to provide interpretation on the legal texts (and in particular the ECGA), and that it cannot derogate from them. These guidelines do not reflect an official position of the Commission; only the provisions of the signed grant agreement are binding.

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