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Final Report of the Ad-Hoc Group "Survey of Human Resources in the European Fusion Programme"

Funded under: FP7-EURATOM-FUSION


The AHG has made a review of the FP5 & 6 Community supported training actions and of the training needs of the FP7 fusion programme in line with the terms of reference given to it by the CCE-FU on the 26th of September 2006. In FP5 and 6 the only training actions supported by the Community were the Euratom Fellowships and doctoral researchers under the contract of Association. There have been a small number of fellowships (48) over the 8 years period with 0.16 (FP5) to 0.8% (FP6) of the Community fusion budget dedicated to them. At the end of FP 6 the Euratom Fusion Training Scheme (EFTS) was established as a pilot scheme to response to the immediate needs of the ITER project. The EFTS will train 53 young engineers and physicists over the next 3 years on nine ITER relevant fields. It is the view of the AHG that similar training actions are maintained in FP7, albeit with simplification in the implementing procedures.
In the review of the future training needs of the programme, the AHG considered the personnel requirements for the ITER and Broader Approach programme and concluded that the fusion programme would see approximately 200 professionals (mostly engineers) being diverted from their usual fusion research activities to those under the new ITER instruments. It is expected that the majority of these will come form the Associations. For the fusion programme to maintain its scientific strength, and its present obligations (such as JET enhancements, construction of W7-X and procurements in the ITER heating, diagnostics and test blanket activities, etc.) the AHG consider it reasonable to provide the resources within the Associations to train ~40 researchers per year for the next 5 years.

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