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ERC Rules for the submission of proposals and the related evaluation, selection and award procedures relevant to the Ideas Specific Programme

Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC


The purpose of this document is to set out the rules applying to the submission and peer review evaluation of proposals, and to the award of grants to successful proposals. The rules set fundamental parameters which are designed to ensure that the procedures leading up to the award of grants are rigorously fair, effective and appropriate. They have been defined in association with the ERC Scientific Council, the latter being responsible, inter alia, for establishing the Ideas work programme and the peer review evaluation methods and procedures applying for proposal peer review evaluation under the Ideas Specific Programme.
They are adopted by the Commission in accordance with the Rules for Participation. Section 1 describes the key principles applying to the process from submission to award excellence, transparency, fairness and impartiality, efficiency and speed; as well as ethical and considerations.
Section 2 describes the procedures for the submission of proposals and the way they are handled thereafter, including the assessment of eligibility. Proposals are submitted by Principal Investigators on behalf of their host institutions (the applicant legal entities).
Section 3 describes the peer review evaluation, including the way in which experts are selected and appointed, the treatment of potential and actual conflicts of interest, the organisation of peer review evaluation. Panels of experts and expert referees for the peer review evaluation of frontier research proposals will be selected by the ERC Scientific Council. It describes also the way in which appeals and complaints will be handled, and the reporting of the peer review evaluation and award of grants.
Section 4 describes the preparation and award of grants. The recipient of the grant is the applicant legal entity; however the latter will be required to assure the independence of the Principal Investigator in the scientific management of the grant, including the allocation of resources.

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