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Off-Site Nuclear Emergency Management And Restauration Of Contaminated Environments, SAMEN and MOSES thematic clusters, EUR 21927

Funded under: FP6-EURATOM


The thematic cluster SAMEN consisted of four research projects and three thematic networks:
- Data Assimilation for Off-site Nuclear Emergency Management,
- Improvement, Extension and Integration of Operational Decision-support Systems for Nuclear Emergency Management,
- European Calibration and Coordination of Mobile and Airborne Gamma Spectrometry,
- Methods to Reconcile Disparate National Forecasts of Medium- and Long-range Atmospheric Dispersion,
- Food and Agriculture Restoration Management Involving Networked Groups,
- Migration of RODOS to Practical Applicability for Supporting Decisions in Operational Emergency Response to Nuclear Accidents, and
- Sustainable Restoration and Long-term Management of Contaminated Rural, Urban and Industrial Ecosystems.
The MOSES cluster grouped four research projects:
- Development of a Methodology and of a Computer Tool for Source-term Estimation in Case of Nuclear Emergency in a Light-water Reactor,
- Information Requirements and Countermeasure Evaluation Techniques in Nuclear Emergency Management,
- Monitoring Data and Information Exchange among Decision-support Systems, and
- A Rapid Response Source-term Indicator Based on Plant Status for Use in Emergency Response.
Links were made to other projects, such as Strategies and Guidance for Establishing a Practical Radiation Protection Culture in Europe in Case of Long-term Radioactive Contamination after a Nuclear Accident (SAGE) and the thematic clusters EVANET-TERRA and EVANET-HYDRA.
The SAMEN and MOSES clusters were selected by an independent panel of the European Commission and distinguished with the award of being one of the success stories of the Fifth Framework Programme due to the efforts towards the creation of a European research area, integrating all research and development activities for a better and robust approach to nuclear emergency response and site restoration.

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