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Tender Specifications: Study on the Requirements and Options for Actions in Rfid in Healthcare, OJ 2007/S 134-163980, SMART N° 2007/0049

Funded under: FP7-ICT


Member States have shown that they are keen to take an eHealth Action Plan forward that draws on best practices and experiences from across the European Union. This Action Plan is the culmination of the work that enables a move towards a "European eHealth Area", a framework built on a wide range of European policies and initiatives. Quality of care and patient safety are essential aspects of the action plan.
The Commission has carried out a public consultation on RFID in 2006 and issued a Communication on March 15th, 2007: "An effective, safe, secure and privacy-preserving approach to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)". Part of the horizontal consultation contained investigation on RFID in healthcare and pharmaceutical markets indicating that the technology has a high potential to increase the quality of care and patient safety, and to improve medication compliance and logistics.
The consultation concludes that in hospitals and healthcare the use of RFID technology to enhance patient safety should be explored. Performing pilots to assess the effectiveness and feasibility of RFID in hospitals/healthcare could be perceived as the way ahead. Nevertheless, only rudimentary applications have been piloted while integrated approaches are difficult.
In many industries including pharmaceuticals and medical devices, where counterfeiting is a significant source of products of unacceptable quality, the use of RFID may allow products to be recalled more efficiently and to prevent illicit goods from entering the supply chain or spot where these actually entered it. In the supply chain for pharmaceuticals, however, technologies such as 2D data matrix could provide more cost effective solutions with less barriers to deployment in short- and medium-term than the RFID. Nevertheless, the consultation showed that in long term there is an interest to implement RFID technologies in the distribution channels once the technology matures and cost becomes more affordable.

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