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Tender Specifications, Monitoring and Control: Today's Market, Its Evolution Till 2020 and the Impact of ICT on these - SMART 2007/047

Funded under: FP7-ICT


A control system is a device (or a set of devices) which manages, commands, directs or regulates the dynamic behavior of other devices or systems. For the purposes of this tender, only automatic control systems are to be considered. Entirely manual controls that allow an operator to, for example, locally/directly close and open a hydraulic press are out of the scope of the study.
To monitor is to observe a system or situation for any changes that may occur over time. Specific examples of monitoring systems are a medical device that senses patient's vital signs or a meteorological observatory.
Control systems are variations or combinations of two basic classes of control: the sequential and the feedback. A sequential control system triggers a series of actuators in the correct sequence to perform a task. Examples of sequential controls are a dish washer or an industrial packaging machine. Feedback is the process whereby some proportion of the constantly monitored output signal of a system is passed to the input. Examples of feedback control are a house heating system or a car cruise control. From a market perspective this study shall consider types of control and monitoring systems such as process control, embedded controls and supervisory level systems.

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