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The material conditions required for European scientists to advance marine science to its full capacity can be summarised into four strategic visions for the coming decade:
- European research vessels and associated marine equipment will constitute a coherent, flexible facility that can effectively respond to a wide array of research needs in European and international waters
- European waters will be supplied by a network of buoys, profilers and sea bottom observation systems that will provide coherent data for monitoring the state of the environment, for modelling the ocean system, for tracing climate changes, for early warning of hazardous events (e.g. harmful algal blooms, storms), for search and rescue and for operational forecasting
- Samples, data analysis and other information retrieved by European marine scientists will benefit from the networks of well equipped marine centres, including on-line access to data, calibration and quality control procedures
- European marine research will be supported by an integrated and interactive information system provided by new information technologies
Having exchanged and reviewed information on the diversity, operation, management and coordination of Europe's marine research infrastructures and future requirements and investments, the Working Group recommends the establishment of a Marine Infrastructures Strategy Group (MISG).

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