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Development of NDA procedures for the QA/QC characterisation of large-volume radioactive waste packages (Large Waste Assay), Final report, EUR 23098

Project ID: FIKW-CT-2000-00027
Funded under: FP5-EAECTP C


In most participating countries in this project the problem of how to perform a QA/QC characterization of large-volume waste packages is recognised as one of the new arising radioactive waste problems.
The objectives of this project are the development of non-destructive QA/QC procedures and methodologies for an independent QA/QC characterization of the fissile and non-fissile content of large-volume waste packages (minimum respectively maximum volume 600 l and a 6-metre standard ISO container).
This aim can be reached by defining the following sub-objectives:
- Development of special NDA equipment and procedures for the non-destructive QA/QC characterisation of fissile and non-fissile content. Special attention will be given to source localisation of fissile and non-fissile sources.
- The validation of developed equipment and procedures for non-fissile radioactive large-volume waste. Will be tested by comparison of measured specific radioactivity before and after conditioning of the waste into a large-volume waste package.
- Validation of developed equipment and procedures for fissile radioactive waste. Will be performed mainly by artificial waste.

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