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Policy Synthesis of EU Research Results, Series no 11: Innovation Policy: Framework Conditions and Firm Dynamics, EUR 23168

Funded under: FP6-CITIZENS


The purpose of this report is to review the main research findings of 23 EU funded research projects and identify policy issues related to:
- choices/decisions and actions within firms, and
- framework conditions supporting firm growth and inter-firm cooperation.
These subjects are studied under Industrial Organisation, Technological Change, Regional Science, Economics of Institutional Change, Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance. The related range of policies includes employment policies, financial markets, research, innovation and enterprise as well as macroeconomic and regional development policies.
A theme that emerges frequently and cuts across analyses and policy-recommendations is "governance". Most projects, suggest policy interventions for the EU rather than for the national or regional level. In those recommendations, the need to build effective bridges for policy coordination is a recurring theme, especially as regards bridges between:
- Research, Innovation and Enterprise policies
- Macro-economic and technological policies.
Technology policies and innovation policies are seen as the most critical parts of these bridges. Researchers converge to the conclusion that science, technology and innovation are not given the central position they merit in policy, despite the recognition of their importance by all current strands of scholarly thought. New growth theories and trade theories give technology and human capital a pivotal role (Grossman and Helpman 1993, Romer 1986, Romer 1990). There is no doubt that there is some movement in European policies (at all levels of governance) towards this direction, as can be seen for example, from the adoption and emphasis on the Lisbon agenda. However research, technology and innovation policies remain at the sidelines of economic policies, as compared to macroeconomic stability and competition rules.

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