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3g-Nanotechnology based targeted drug delivery using the inner ear as a model target organ (NANOEAR) - Publishable Executive Summary

Project ID: 26556
Funded under: FP6-NMP


The goal of the NANOEAR consortium is to develop novel multifunctional nanoparticles (MFNPs), which are targetable to selected cell populations, biodegradable, traceable in-vivo, and equipped with controlled drug release. With over 44 million EU citizens with hearing loss and 40 000 profoundly deaf who could immediately benefit from a MFNP-based novel drug carrier system and drug coated cochlear implant, the inner ear is a unique target. Inner ear is a clinically vital target, well representing the central nervous system and other difficult-toaccess body sites; it is isolated, multicompartmental with neural, supporting and vascular targets, and relatively immunoprivileged. Measures of function and structural integrity are quantitative, precise, and objective, permitting detection of loss of a single sensory cell. Moreover, the population of profoundly deaf with cochlear implants, and commercial partners concerned with improving the benefits of sensory neuroprostheses through tissue engineering strategies, provide a direct pathway to eventual clinical application of NP-drug complexes produced by this research consortium.
Novel, - and for the first time - multifunctional, highly penetrating delivery vehicles will be created to carry and release drug/gene precisely to targeted tissue sites and selected cells. In this research consortium multifunctional lipolexes, dendrimers, micelles, mesoporous NPs, polymer-protein complexes, nanocapsules and nano-layers have been constructed to test delivery of molecules/drugs/genes. To target the NPs we are screening of seleted tissues of inner ear (receptor, nerve and vascular cells) to find suitable epitopes against which the targeting peptides will be designed. Four EU/FDA approved degradable biomaterials (PLGA, PCL, Chitosan, Silica) will be tested for targeting, coating, toxicity and payload carrying and release capacity. In addition designed lipoplexies, encapsulated by polyethylene glycol (mPEG), impregnated with drugs, an

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