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Research*eu focus is a magazine where each issue covers a specific topic of research interest. The scope of the magazine is being reviewed to improve the dissemination of thematic research results. Publication and subscriptions are currently suspended.

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research*eu focus magazine - 16

Title: Collective awareness platforms - Digital social innovation for sustainable societies

Date: December 2016 (Issue 16)


pdf (8,29 MB) epub (5,91 MB)

CAPS (Collective Awareness Platforms) is an emerging area which is already shaping the future of our connected society. This is based on an Internet which is evolving radically, and CAPS is addressing important weaknesses and unexplored areas. This is why the EU has funded number of groundbreaking FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects that aim to empower citizens to make informed decisions about their consumption patterns, to foster behavioural changes and to bring about a more direct form of democratic participation.

research*eu focus magazine - 15

Title: Why the EU is betting big on 5G

Date: February 2015 (Issue 15)


pdf (2,7 MB) epub (6,7 MB)

With mobile traffic expected to grow by a factor of 1,000 by 2020, and the number of connected users to multiply 10 to 100-fold, the world clearly needs new communications infrastructure the like of which we have never seen before. This is why the EU has already committed to investing €700 million in a 5G Public-Private Partnership for research, development and innovation in this field and we will be doing much more towards 5G in the years to come.

research*eu focus magazine - 14

Title: Towards a sustainable food future

Date: April 2014 (Issue 14)


pdf (4,2 MB) epub (7,3 MB)

In this issue:

  • Agricultural research and the bioeconomy: our bread and butter
  • Steering agricultural research agendas in Europe
  • Knowledge from the networks
  • European Technology Platforms for the bioeconomy
  • Primary production research under FP7
  • Agriculture and the bioeconomy in Horizon 2020
  • Round-table discussion: Lessons for the future and Horizon 2020
research*eu focus magazine - 13

Title: Green innovation for sustainable solutions

Date: May 2012 (Issue 13)


pdf (1,6 MB) epub (7,6 MB)

Science, research and innovation are key components in the formula for Europe's contribution to the sustainable development agenda. While the challenges posed by sustainability are complex, answers can also come on many levels. This issue of research*eu focus highlights the EU's ongoing efforts, ranging from projects under FP6 and FP7, to the forward-looking Europe 2020 and upcoming Horizon 2020.

research*eu focus magazine - 12

Title: Cross-border public services in the EU

Date: February 2012 (Issue 12)


pdf (2,0 MB) epub (3,0 MB)

In order to help cross-border public services reach their full potential, the EU is funding a variety of projects that are putting in place the building blocks of new digital services. From eProcurement to eID, business mobility, and even electronic patient records, the underlying aim is to implement common solutions to deliver online public services that are accessible throughout the European Union. With continuing support from Member States, these projects will move from promising research to beneficial tools and services.

research*eu focus magazine - 11

Title: The Danube: A river of innovation

Date: October 2011 (Issue 11)


pdf (1,5 MB) pdf (1,5 MB) pdf (1,5 MB)

Read about innovation and the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. The region hosts the most international river basin in the world, linking 14 countries and 115 million people. the Strategy provides specific opportunities. Work is already being done to make full use of the Danube's considerable research and innovation prospects, including smarter transport links, cheaper and more secure energy through better connections, and co-operation to minimise environmental risks and disasters. This issue also highlights food-related initiatives, coverage of the Western Balkan's research and development links to the Innovation Union and e-infrastructures for South East Europe."

research*eu focus magazine - 10

Title: Risk-Sharing Finance Facility

Date: June 2011 (Issue 10)


pdf (1,3 MB) pdf (1,3 MB) pdf (1,3 MB)

One of the ways to support Europe's innovation capacity is by providing adequate access to finance. The European Commission (EC) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) have worked closely together to create, fund and manage the Risk Sharing Financing Facility (RSFF). The RSFF combines EU budgetary resources and EIB funding to share the risk associated with research, development and innovation projects. This issue looks at how the RSFF works, its place in the wider funding landscape and what the future may hold. A series of project case studies show the positive effects of the RSFF in practice.

research*eu focus magazine - 09

Title: Future and Emerging Technologies: Science beyond fiction

Date: May 2011 (Issue 09)


pdf (3,0 MB) pdf (3,0 MB) pdf (3,0 MB)

Read about early stage and groundbreaking research in the area of information and communication technologies (ICT). Future and emerging technologies (FET) go beyond the conventional uses of ICT and into uncharted areas. This issue features projects which are not just evidence of new ideas, new technologies, and skilled people, but also the pursuit of ambitious goals at the frontiers of scientific knowledge. Schemes which support young researchers and high-tech, research-intensive small- to medium-sized enterprises are also featured.

research*eu focus magazine - 08

Title: Thinking ahead... 25 years of European ICT Research

Date: September 2010 (Issue 08)


pdf (2,4 MB)

An issue devoted to ICT research and innovation with an overview of achievements of 25 years of research in 10 key areas. The publication presents in clear, non-technical language the considerable advances in ICT that have been delivered for citizens and businesses by several EU-funded research projects. From domains as diverse as mobile communications to health, you will read how the development of innovative ICT solutions is of strategic importance to Europe.

research*eu focus magazine - 07

Title: Securing the Future

Date: August 2010 (Issue 07)


pdf (1,82 MB)

Find out the ground breaking news that European research projects on security have achieved in a wide array of areas such as; the security of citizens, crisis management, the fight against organised crime, the protection of critical infrastructures and the social integration of security technologies. These projects are a select representation of the depth and breadth of security research activities through which the EU is improving the daily life of its population.

research*eu focus magazine - 06

Title: Let’s embrace space

Date: June 2010 (Issue 06)


pdf (4,6 MB)

The EU has valuable space infrastructure, in particular a wide array of Earth observation satellites and ground-based systems which help improve European's quality of life. This edition features a number of excellent European space research projects which have empowered Europe to harvest the potential of space for a safer world. Discover projects on responding to emergencies and read about the diversity of space research in the areas of international cooperation, education and exploration.

research*eu focus magazine - 05

Title: European research area: boosting the potential of the outermost regions

Date: April 2010 (Issue 05)


pdf (3,9 MB) pdf (3,9 MB)

Read about the EU's outermost regions as an asset for the research and innovation system in Europe. Discover their research profiles and find out what needs to be done in order to exploit their potential even further. The supplement explains how EU supports the outermost regions to strengthen their research and innovation capacities and presents their success stories.

research*eu focus magazine - 04

Title: Measuring performance: the Czech Republic in the ERA

Date: May 2009 (Issue 04)


pdf (2,93 MB) pdf (2,93 MB)

Issue no 4 of the series offers an overview of the Czech Republic research and development activities. The supplement presents the R&D; priorities of the Czech EU Council Presidency, the participation of the country in the EU framework programmes for research, and the national R&D; and innovation system. Furthermore, it gives an insight of the research potential of the Czech Republic by presenting more than 20 examples of projects jointly achieved by Czech researchers together with other European and international partners.

In this issue:

  • The Czech Republic and the framework programmes for research
  • Success stories
  • Support for knowledge and technology transfer
research*eu focus magazine - 03

Title: European Research Council: bringing great ideas to life

Date: April 2009 (Issue 03)


pdf (2,07 MB) pdf (2,07 MB)

A supplement dedicated to the European Research Council, the first European funding body designed to support investigator-driven frontier research through open and direct competition. The publication presents ERC's highly innovative grant schemes, as well as the views of some of the first grantees and several personalities who have contributed to this long-awaited initiative.

In this issue:

  • The ERC story
  • Funding avant-garde science
  • In the hands of distinguished peers
  • Close-up on ERC calls and grantees
  • ERC strategic issues
  • ERC executive agency
  • The ERC in a nutshell
  • Contacts & events
research*eu focus magazine - 02

Title: A competitive Europe: research regionally, develop globally

Date: March 2009 (Issue 02)


pdf (2,37 MB) pdf (2,37 MB)

The March 2009 edition is dedicated to the regional dimension of the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for research. It features EU's regional research policy, funding opportunities for knowledge intensive, convergence and outermost regions, as well as success stories from the first projects funded by the relevant EU budget.

In this issue:

  • Regions of Knowledge: Partnerships for competitiveness
  • Research Potential: Unlocking existing strengths in Europe’s convergence and outermost regions
  • Food Cluster initiative: A unique European research-driven and capacity-building cluster
research*eu focus magazine - 01

Title: Competitiveness & sustainability in European tourism

Date: September 2008 (Issue 01)


pdf (2,2 MB)

In this issue:

  • Introduction
  • Competitive & sustainable tourism
  • Intelligent tourism
  • Urban tourism
  • Rural tourism
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