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Perfluoropolyethers (oils and surfactants) for ferrofluid preparation and the development of PFPE reaction media for nanosize particle preparation

The research aimed at the development of stable colloidal dispersions of magnetic particles in perfluoropolyether (PFPE) oils of Fomblin class, whose physicochemical properties were of interest in advanced sealing technologies.

The Consortium activity has lead to the availability of PFPE magnetic fluids with saturation magnetization, viscosity, vapour pressure and durability properties appropriate for sealing applications.

The engineering studies have resulted in the prototype of a high precision ferrofluid feedthrough particularly apt to operate in hostile environments due to chemical inertness of the fluorinated components. Several grades of PFPE surfactants have been developed for ferrofluids requirements. Innovative processes for the preparation of nanosize magnetic particles with respect to the state of art for particle preparation in hydrocarbon microemulsions in terms of higher yield and improved control in association with reaction parameters and posttreatment procedures.

Two patents have been filed. To develop the application range of such particles beyond ferrofluids, further work is necessary.


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