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Hypertext interfaces to library information systems; HyperLib

A project has been conducted to improve access to the online services of a major university library by implementation of hypertext interfaces to a variety of information resources including the online public access catalogue (OPAC). The main technical issues explored were:
evaluation of searching behaviour and information needs of a specific number of key groups of library users;
prototyping and testing of hypertext interfaces including graphical and pictorial user interfaces for library systems, and the move to personal computer (PC) type environments for library users;
standard generalized markup language (SGML) markup of library catalogue and other records for use with hypertext. The interfaces have been evaluated in relation to the user specifications.
Several SGML document type definitions (DTD) and parsers have been produced and demonstrated, navigation in library catalogues along hypertext links can be demonstrated, and user interface prototyping based on NETSCAPE has been undertaken as a new development.


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